Here at Hewitech we are always looking at ways we can get the most out of our materials and also use innovative thinking.

We receive a large amount of transhipman pallets here at our office in Cheltenham which result in a lot of pallets being spare once we have removed the equipment from them.

Typically the pallets can be made of hardwood or softwood and the two most common types of wood used are Pine and Oak. Needless to say the wood used is a bit rough and ready but with a little patience and imagination can be reused in lots of useful ways.

We are happy to gift these pallets back into the community to individuals who are prepared to dismantle the pallets and use the wood for worthwhile projects.

Please have a look through the images at some of the worthwhile items that have been built using pallet wood. Just a quick look around the internet will give you loads of new ideas too.

To collect the pallets in a safe, social distancing way, please find them available at Hewitech Uk, GL54 4LB

All we ask is, once you have built your new amazing outdoor or indoor item from our pallet wood, please feel free to post a picture on Twitter and use the hashtag #hewitechwood so we can see your creations!