Hewitech are proud to announce their involvement in Europe’s premier water industry exhibition at RAI Amsterdam

With over 1000 exhibitors, over 25,000 water experts from 140 countries, Aquatech underlines its position as the world’s leading platform for process, drinking and waste water.

Hewitech will feature their innovative HewiPier NTF Media Support, the HewiTube Lamella Clarifier, and the extensive range of Structured Media Filters for biological waste water treatment in both municipal and industrial waste water.

HEWiPier is a pre-engineered and fabricated support system for structured media designed to replace dwarf wall and heavy concrete systems. The system is field adjustable, the UPVC pipe stanchions supporting the FRP (fibre-reinforced polymer) grid can be placed at different heights to suit the filter base.

HewiPier can drastically reduce costs, up to half compared to heavy concrete system, whilst reducing the installation time by up to threefold.


Hewitech Media is used for BOD treatment in Trickling Filters (NTF), Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF), and Biological Activated Fixed Film Filters (BAFF) in new and existing applications

PP or PVC media is available in 12, 15, 19 and 27mm, giving effective surface areas of 240, 190, 150 and 125m2/m3

HewiTube Lamella modules equalise the flow and facilitate phase separation of particles, flocs or sludge. The modules are made of rigid Polyproylene and can be placed directly into the tank sitting on the support structure. Hewitech can provide designs with different angles, lamella spacings, and chevron types for a controlled pathway of the downwards sludge.

Visit Hewitech in Hall 5 Stand 05.422 to discover how our range of waste water products supported by Hewitech’s design capabilities can optimise your plant’s performance across the full life cycle cost of the treatment process

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