Hewitech offers a comprehensive range of plastic media fill, air inlet louvres and drift eliminators for use in cooling towers, in the power sector, petrochemical and for many other industrial and HVAC purposes.
Hewitech design and manufacture in the UK Cooling Tower components and fills for all types of cooling tower, Natural Draft , packaged units and field erected.
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Our materials are used in new and existing equipment and with the use of our product selection process you can select the desired fill for the application. At Hewitech we design efficient fills, drift eliminators and Air inlet louvers’ in PP or PVC material and with the optional of UV or Ant-microbiological additives. Our range comprises of Cross Flow Film Fills CF, Cross Flow Packages CS, Drift Eliminators modules DE with high strength and bladed type DEP, High Performance Trickle fills NC20 & VC25 (images) recommended for its high performance by the CTi, (link)Low Fouling Fills, vertical offset and full open fluted fills OS21, VF20 & VF23 or Mechanical assembly NB25. Hewitech drift eliminators and air inlet louver’s comply with ACOP L8, reducing the risk from legionella ion accordance with HSE guidance note HSG274.