HewiPier Installation

Hewitech design, manufacture and install Hewipier.

Technical HewiPier Information

  • Material: Polypropylene (PP) Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and Fibre-reinforced Polymer (FRP) ·
  • Colour: anthracite with UV resistant / grey
  • Resistant to dissolved various chemicals, fungi and rot resistant
  • Maximal operation temperature: 75 °C (PP) and 55°C (PVC)
  • Tolerances: max 2%
  • Average support height of 600 mm

Easy & Time Efficient Installation

  • Lay out the grid pattern on the tank floor
  • Locate and level bases
  • Anchor base plate Measure & cut extruded stanchion tubes
  • Fix the base, stanchion and top flange
  • Place the pre-cut grids onto the piers and fix down

Base plate up to 4% variable inclination allows optimal positioning of HEWiPIER Support.

Different top flange plates available, accurate fitting to different grid pattern or additional FRP beams,

Top flange with wide opening prevents clogging delivering excellent liquid flow

Health & Safety Executive
Worksafe Contractor