The Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) is a wastewater treatment process that offers
several advantages over conventional activated sludge technologies by combines the benefits of both
the Submerged Aerated Filtration (SAF) and Activated Sludge Plant (ASP) into the one treatment process

The IFAS process needs a suitable biomass carrier that is resistant to blockages, is easily flushed and can hold a defined biomass during normal operating conditions. By using our HEWiFILL media the capacity of the secondary clarifier increases, resulting in more active biomass and an increase in the sludge age.

The Hewitech HEWiFILL VF23 media is the perfect fit with its vertical channels, resulting in minimal risk of clogging. It can also be easily flushed. Manufactured from PP and thermally welded using our in-house machinery, developed over many years of innovative production.

Hewitech VF23

IFAS Advantages

  • More active Biomass! (~5 to 8 kg total Biomass/m³ of reactor)
  • Smaller amount of RAS => easier to handle
  • Easy to retrofit to existing plants
  • Secondary clarifier capacity increases
  • Higher Sludge age
  • Higher surface area for growth of biofilm
  • Modular design, media in steel cage with integrated diffusers.

 The Hewitech IFAS process can be installed as a retrofit solution for existing activated sludge systems that are at or
beyond capacity. IFAS provides an extremely cost-effective retrofit solution with demonstrated long-term operational cost savings. Effectively coming as a stand-alone module, it can quickly be installed with minimum disruption. The module components include a mounting frame, with aeration and media to suit the individual application.

IFAS Applications

  • New Plant
  • Retrofit to existing system
  • Plant with space restrictions
  • Industrial waste water treatment
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