Hewitech design, manufacture and install Sustainable Urban Drainage systems.

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are drainage solutions that achieve surface water run off rates as defined by PPS25 and the Flood and Water Management Act 2010

SuDS are an alternative to the direct channelling of surface water through networks of pipes and sewers, providing a solution to downstream flooding by reducing flows from a site to nearby watercourses

SUDS can be “open” SUDS such as swales and lagoons that create natural drainage systems, improving water quality by reducing the transport of pollutants, whilst enhancing the amenity and biodiversity value of the environment.

Engineered SuDS” are modular storage systems, Variobox, for stormwater attenuation or infiltration via soakaway systems depending on the local soil’s infiltration characteristics

Many schemes incorporate “engineered” SUDS along with “open” SUDS such as swales, ponds and lagoons which offer the environmental benefits of amenity, water quality and bio-diversity, whilst combining the commercial development needs to store stormwater water below ground.

 Hewitech design, manufacture and install both engineered and soft SuDs

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