Hewitech are proud to introduce the HewiPier Media Support System. The HewiPier system can halve your installation costs and reduce the time taken to install heavy concrete and dwarf wall systems.

We have recently installed a 35m diameter system for a water treatment plant in the South West of England. Not only did we drastically reduce their costs (compared to heavy concrete system) but we also reduced the installation time by threefold.

We can install the Hewitech Pierdeck System so much quicker because we have a simple 5 point installation plan.

  • Lay out the grid pattern on the tank floor.
  • Locate & level bases.
  • Anchor base plate, measure & cut extruded stanchion tubes.
  • Fix the base, stanchion & top flange.
  • Place the pre-cut grids onto the piers & fix down.

The HewiPier system is field adjustable with PVC pipes cut to achieve the correct height, and the bases providing up to 4 degrees slope to suit the filter base

When the contractor compared this to the complex and time consuming concrete installation process, letting the concrete cure, setting the correct levels and installing the lintels there were cost efficiencies both in the base installation and reduced need for temporary treatment via SAFF units.

HewiPier offers the most competitive bases structure solution for NTFs across the full life cycle cost of the treatment process

If you want to know more about our systems and explore how we can reduce your project time and costs – get in touch or download our brochure here.