HEWi Tube Lamella Clarifier Series


HEWi Tube modules equalize the flow and facilitates the phase separation of particles, flocs or sludge. Depending on the task, we provide designs with different angles, lamella spacings and chevron types for a controlled pathway of down-sliding sludge.

HEWi Tube modules are customized to fi t into round or rectangular tanks. The modules are made of rigid Polypropylene and can be placed directly into the tank sitting on a supporting structure

Hewitech also provides additional customised package components such as support structure and HEWi Tube effluent launders for the best customer solution


  • High settling e fficiency
  • Proven technology
  • Made of rigid PP
  • Up to 70°C temperature resistant
  • Self-supporting structure
  • Blue colour for potable water application
  • High mechanical strength
  • Easy installation of modules
  • Circular or rectangular tanks
  • Onsite Self-assembly option
  • Optional components
  • Proven technology
HEWi Tube Lamella Clarifier Series
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